A message from Mauritz Meyer - Chief organiser of Wheels @ the Vaal 2010.

Vaal Old Wheels Club and The Sylviavale Heritage Museum are very proud of the outcome of Wheels at the Vaal 2010.  The tenth anniversary of the Festival was in all respects a record-breaking event.

Firstly the Festival had a record number of exhibitors.  The exhibitors deserve praise for the wonderful turnout and particularly Sunday exceeded our greatest expectations.  The organisers were not sure whether there would be enough parking space.

Our request that exhibitors display only collectors and special items in the exhibition area was heeded.  We would like to thank everyone for their co-operation in this regard.  We received many compliments from the TV, press and public.  This goes to show that our collectors and exhibitors are a disciplined lot.  We have made a DVD of the show and you will see the result.

Secondly the public supported us in great numbers.  Without the public any show would be dull and unattractive.  We attracted visitors from afar and this proves that there is a need for shows such as ours.  As collectors we have a responsibility to make the public and especially youngsters aware of our heritage and the need to preserve it.

From the comments that we received it is clear that, apart from some small problems, the show was well organised.  No show such as this will ever be perfect, but we strive every year to make it even better than before.  We will look at the weak and strong points and decide how to improve next year.

Vaal Old Wheels Club's decision to appoint a young Chairman has been vindicated.  Pieter van Rooyen showed his dedication as a hard and enthusiastic worker and is definitely an asset to the Club into the future.

We have all seen that, what looks impossible can be made possible.  Let us put our shoulders to the wheel and set the bar higher each year.  If you cannot assist physically it is your responsibility do the necessary advertising.  With a positive attitude the show will go from strength to strength.

Thank you everyone,
Mauritz Meyer .
(Chief organiser).

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