Update September 2010.  This was our most successful show to date.
The raffle draw was performed on Sunday at the show.
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    We would like to invite you to visit us at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University, Vanderbijlpark on the 4th & 5th September 2010.  Vaal Old Wheel’s annual WHEELS AT THE VAAL will take place for the 6th time.  This year will be the biggest living cultural exhibition in the country.

    The campus is situated on a 118 hectare nature reserve with more than 2 kilometres of waterfront.  The campus is situated on Hendrick van Eck Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark and with its beautiful trees and lawns it is the ideal venue for this type of exhibition.  The presence of blou wildebeest, blesbuck, gemsbuck and springbuck add to the unique atmosphere.  The campus is well developed with lapas, buildings, picnic spots, ample parking, exhibition space and good security.    Click here for a printable map & G.P.S. Co-ords.

    In previous years this exhibition focused on giving the proud owners of veteran vehicles the opportunity to show off their vehicles. However, the club members are not only collectors of veteran vehicles and it was decided to accommodate all members’ needs.  The club also has a responsibility to conserve our culture and cultural goods.  Visitors will be nostalgic when they see the exhibition.  Look at our menu below if you are still not convinced that you want to be part of this.


  1. Exhibition of old vehicles
    The exhibition is not only for club members.  Anybody who is proud of his/her collector’s item, is invited to come and exhibit.  Not just motor cars, but everything with wheels is welcome.  So, bring your old motor, tractor, bakkie, steam engine, stationary engine or anything else with wheels and come and exhibit.  No new or modern vehicles will be allowed near the veteran vehicles.  Only vehicles older than 30 years or exclusive vehicles will be allowed.
  2.  Farming area
    Can you still remember how our ancestors used the various farming tools?  Are you curious to know how they did it?  We are going to thresh corn and ground kernels so you can make your own “pap” at home.  The tools will be on show and there will be regular demonstrations to show you how they were used.  Not to be missed is the Fowler steam traction engine and the steam driven Marshall threshing machine, a throw back to the distant past.
  3. Stationary engines.
    We can proudly say that we set a Guinness World Record in 2007 with our engines.  SALister, our stationary engines sponsor, is the firm whose engines are world famous.  The thundering noise of the engines is a big hit with our visitors. No other exhibition in the country hosts more engines than us.
  4. Outdoor exhibition.
    The Campus is the perfect spot to showcase outdoor products.  According to research camping trips and caravan holidays are growing in popularity.  Come and have a look at ways to make your outdoor adventure better.
  5. 4x4 Track.
    We have especially built a 4x4 track for this exhibition.  This will allow 4x4 owners to test their skills as well as the performance of their vehicle.  Racing will not be allowed.  Each ride will cost R30.
  6. BKB Farm yard - From the year one.
    This year we will have a farm yard on the campus that will take a city slicker’s breath away.  It will be enjoyable, interesting and educational.
  • We are going to show what happens with milk, how we seperate cream, churn cream and make butter.
  • Roast coffee beans and grind them.
  • From our beehives we will get honey and you can return home with a bottle of the freshest honey.
  • Prepare skins, cut “riempies” and plait whips.  Staff from the Strassberger Shoefactory will be on site to show how to make leather shoes – “vellies”. You will be able to buy a pair at discount prices.
  • Pluck feathers and sell feather eiderdowns and down pillows.
  • Distill home-made mampoer and sell it to the tough ones.
  • Bake bread in our outside oven.
  • Shear sheep, spin the wool and make woolen goods.
  • Make clothes with manual sewing machines.
  • Forge iron the old fashioned way.
  • Make candles.
  • See where silk products come from. All the way from the word go till on your skin.
  • Radoux from Stellenbosch will showcase their skills at making wine barrels.
  • The Worcester Museum, Strassberger Shoes, Radoux wine barrels and the National Wool Processing Committee of sheap shearers will be joining us again this year.
  1. Exhibition battles.
    The Dundee Diehards’ Re-enactment Team will take you back to the times of the Zulu war and the Anglo Boer war with an exhibition of drilling and parade work.  It will be an experience not to be missed.
  2. Food stalls.
    This year we will have even more and better stalls so that you do not have to wait too long for your food.  There will be a big selection to choose from.  Stalls are manned by various charity organisations and churches.  You will definitely not go home hungry.
  3. Beer garden/Coffee shop.
    As it happens, especially with men, one gets really thirsty when seeing such beautiful things.  The beer garden will help fulfil this need.  Saturday afternoon you can watch the Bloemfontein test between the Springboks and Wallabies on the big screen in the Big Lapa.  In the Big Lapa there will also be a coffee shop to accommodate all your needs.  All of this on the banks of the Vaal River.
  4. HiQ Radio station.
    Our radio station will broadcast on the campus and everybody will be able to hear it during the show.  Apart from great music, there will also be interviews with exhibitors to help you meet the owners behind the amazing vehicles and products on show.  Amoré Bekker from RSG will be in charge of the microphone and radio station.  The company Africa Thatch will erect a well equipped broadcasting station.
  5. Playground for the children.
    Don’t leave your children at home.  Apart from having fun it will be an educational experience for them.  They can ride in a drum train or on horses or camels. We assure you  that they will remember the exhibition for a long time.
  6. Drum Majorettes.
    On Saturday morning the schools will have the opportunity to showcase their talents at the drum majorette and “pom-pom” festival.
  7. Arts and crafts.
    There is always place for something nice for yourself or that special corner in your house.  Our exhibitors can help provide for this need.
  8. Gabriel Aerobatic Team.
    On Saturday the aeroplanes from Gabriel will deliver a performance.  The company is well known for their shock absorbers and will sponsor the performance.
  9. Country Evening.
    Why go home early on Saturday night?  We have a big country evening planned that will not leave you disappointed.  Your entrance to the exhibition is also your entrance to the concert and food and drinks will be available for purchase.
  10. Coca Cola Hop-on-Hop-off.
    Don’t worry if you have to park far from the exhibition.  We have a free hop-on-hop-off service available for your comfort.  There will also be ample security for your vehicle.
  11. Win a red Honda sports car. (Click Here)
    We all have a desire to drive a sports car – especially a red one.  The stunning 1991 red Honda that will be on show at the information tent can be won by simply purchasing a R20 ticket.  The first owner of this car was none other than Leon Schuster and it is still in mint condition with a roadworthy certificate.  You might be the lucky winner.  Tickets will be sold on the day at the Vaal Old Wheels’ information tent at the venue.

ENTRANCE FEE: Non-exhibitors only R20 per adult and R10 per school-going child. Exhibitors enter free which includes the first passenger in their vehicle, thereafter the normal fee is charged.

ACCOMMODATION: Assistance will be given if you require accommodation in a guest house, chalet or hotel, please contact Rosie van Pype 016 910-3122.

ALL WELCOME: It must be clear by now that you cannot afford to miss this.  You and your family and friends are invited to join us during these two days.  When everybody discusses the great WHEELS AT THE VAAL exhibition, you would not want to be the one who missed out.  Remember, it only takes place once a year and the entrance fee is only R20-00 per adult and R10-00 for school children. Children under 6  accompanying their parents are free. The surroundings will lift your mood and calm your senses.

ENQUIRIES: You are more than welcome to contact us for more information:
Mauritz Meyer (Main organizer) 083 513 6632 or mmeyer@webmail.co.za
Rosie van Pypie (Exhibition space/Administration) 016 910-3122
Pieter van Rooyen (Vehicles) 082 338 9856.

We have a date on 4 and 5 September 2010!!!!!!!!!

Win a car.

As usual the club will be raffling a car this year. Club members will be selling tickets @ R20.00 per ticket. The draw will be held on Sunday 5th September at our show. You can also buy tickets by contacting the club <Click here for contact details>

This years car is, as our past Chairman Fanus Strydom described it, "A brand new used Honda Prelude". The car is in immaculate condition and will be displayed at various events throughout the year with club members in attendance selling tickets. Adding to it's value is the fact that this car was previously owned by South Africa's premier "Funny Man" Leon Schuster.

The winner of the car was R.de Jongh - Ticket No. 3760

1991 Honda Prelude 2.0
Full House, Sun Roof,
with full service history.

2nd prize R1000.00 CASH

2nd Prize went to F.de Kock Ticket No. 3108

3rd prize R500.00 CASH

3rd Prize went to J.S.Marx  Ticket No. 3210